Modded Fallout, with DLC

Let’s try this again, shall we? Within a few patches, the modded game we had fell to being unplayable. Now that the DLC has landed, we’re going to try it again. Things are a little different this time around, thanks to Bethesda having their own mod platform.

From Bethesda, we have:

  • Enhanced Blood Textures Basic
  • Weapon Balance Overhaul
  • Sanctuary Bridge Fix
  • Lots More Female Hairstyles (not reeeally needed)
  • Uncapped Settlement Surplus
  • Uncapped Settlement Surplus – Far Harbour
  • Settlement Resizer
  • Settlement Resizer Far Harbour

From Nexus, we have:

  • Better Junk Fences
  • NanoSuit
  • ReGrowth Overhaul
  • Scrap Everything
  • Settlement Supplies Expanded
  • The Rebel
  • True Storms
  • Shaikujin’s Better Warning For Settlements

Also from Nexus, we’ve installed Place Everywhere which requires the F4SE. It’s a little complex. Basically, you need to match the version of F4SE to the version of Fallout you’re using, put those files in the same directory as Fallout, and run the game via the F4SE Loader. Annoying huh, but it means I can place building material ANYWHERE, no more red outlines.

Please Note: This is not just a list, this is the load order we’re using on stream, and it’s working.

Happy Hunting.


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