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Howdy folks.

Wanted to spend a little time, and define exactly what my plans and the mods I’m using for the Fallout 4 play through, as well as how you can install them yourself. My aim was to extend or provide a few useful game mechanics, bring some additional visuals to the environment, and to round out the game as a whole.

We already have done a fairly complete run of the game on stream, so why do it again? DLC, baby! As such, I’ve spent a little time already in the game to establish the basics. The stragglers have been rescued, we have our basic power armour, and Sanctuary has been established. A tiny amount of the world has been explored and one settlement has been helped because WILL YOU SHUT UP PRESTON, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF THE COMMONWEALTH.

The Mod List

Do Note: Will be adding in some more mods into this list, just wanted to get this article underway so folks know what’s coming soon!

Armorsmith Extended
You best go check the link to see the full awesomeness of what this mod provides, but let’s just sum it up with It Fixes Everything To Do With Armour.

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
This is a standard framework for Armoursmith Extended, as well as for many other mods. Standards are good.

Black Pip-Boy
A very simple cosmetic mod, just changes the pip-boy to a more elegant black colour. Makes it look shmexy.

Crafting Workbenches
Who doesn’t want to craft their own ammo?! Aside from this wonderful feature, it also allows you to craft Junk items (in case you really want that tri-fold flag sitting in your personal residence) and even Power Armour pieces.

This is the most amazing UI update I’ve seen, and any little snippit of text I write can’t describe how awesome it is. Reminds me a lot of SkyUI from Skyrim. Totally recommended.

Loot Detector – Scrapper Corpse Highlighter
I need this mod, so very much. Once you have a level of Scrapper, a very simple highlight appears around a corpse. No more searching for 20 minutes through the undergrowth for that one last Gunner!

Lowered Weapons
Simple enough, lowers your weapon when not using it. Doesn’t clog up your screen when roaming around at the ready.

Northland Diggers
Sure, you need settlers to handle things like your glue farm. But, how about a settler that GENERATES ALUMINIUM?! There’s .. other professions also, but dear gods, the need for aluminium is real!

Proto Vault Suit
A range of awesome new designs for the vault suit. I went with the Shadow variant. Whilst I’m not wearing one in game, it’s going to look excellent when I find others wearing it.

Rad-Ban Eyewear
Sometimes, you just have to complete the look.

Real Armour for Dogmeat
Sure, he’s immortal. That’s not the point. It’s always bothered me that you can armour other companions, and there’s armour in the game for Dogmeat that does nothing. NOT ANY MORE.

Satellite World Map
It just makes sense. An overview of the world that was taken from satellite, it gives a real sense of what’s around you without giving too much away.

Scrap Dead Things
Finally. Get rid of that dead mutant hound outside Santuary! Slight bug, you can scrap some living people also. Don’t do that.

ScratchMade – New Combat Shotgun and Rifle textures
ScratchMade – New Double Barrel Shotgun textures
These retextures are just so good, they had to be included.

Shaikujin’s Better warning for settlements being attacked
Now, when attacks are underway, you actually know about it. Lost a few of these poor souls on my first play through.

Simple Intersection
An excellent mod, allowing you a little more no-clipping when building/placing things. Makes life SO much easier when building your wasteland fortress.

Snap’n Build
A whole range of new models to build with. Want an amazing bunker? How about industrial bridges? A new and opulent house? Just because you’re in the Wasteland, doesn’t mean you have to stay in it when building.

Spring Cleaning
Dear gods, why is this not in the base game?! Allows you to remove SO MUCH random clutter from settlements, not to mention all those other trees and bushes and even houses. My advice is to always F5 Quicksave before going to a cleaning spree in case of misclick.

The Rebel
Decided to grab this for the sake of it. An additional range of functional clothing that looks just damn awesome. Will be using it until I get the Tuxedo, I think.

True Storms
One of the finest environmental mods I’ve ever seen. You feel *wet* when a massive storm hits. Absolutely awesome.

Valdacil’s Item Sorting
Integrates into DEF_UI and provides a tonne of useful features. Totally worth it, go get it!

Doing It Yourself

The first thing you will need to do is head on over to Nexus Mods and get yourself an account. These fine folks have been in the mod indexing and distribution scene for a very long time, and support many games. Highly worthy, not just for Fallout.

Once you’ve done that, grab the latest copy of the Nexus Mod Manager. Installing this will not just scan for Fallout 4, but any other games the Mod Manager supports. It will take a little while, but it’s totally worth it. Once configured, you will be able to automagically install mods from the website and into your game.

The Nexus Mod Manager
The Nexus Mod Manager

Once you’ve got this far, all you need do is use the mod list above and grab the files you need, or indeed wander the site and select what varied combination of mods you wish to use.

A few hoops, but there’s one more to handle. You will need to alter some config files to make the game allow mods. I dare say, this will not be needed once the official GECK toolset it out, but you never know. In any case, there’s a handy page over at Nexus that will guide you. Don’t worry about all that content, all you need to focus on is the How To Enable Fallout 4 Mods section.

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